Joe DiLorenzo

locally Owned Business are the Backbone of Small Towns

There is nothing better than a local real estate team that laughs together and works together. Locally owned and run businesses are the backbone of numerous communities. They not only bring in the additional value for the customers, by being associated with them socially as well as economically, but also help in preserving the small town charm of countless small cities and towns, such as Longport, NJ. Be it an old town or a newly developed community, lots of studies done on consumer behavior and choices shows that people prefer to deal with locally owned businesses over faceless corportations.

A strong argument can be made in the favor of locally owned businesses, that most of the times they keep the local population’s sentiments and feelings in account, before making a business decisions. Another advantage about a locally owned business or a business owned by locals can be their knowledge of the area, the town or the city, and how best it can be utilized to promote a business and make profits. That eventually circles back into local economy making it profitable for everyone. For example, if you are in Longport or Margate NJ. There when a developer sells an old house, the new owners or the builders have to hire other contractors in Margate NJ or carpenters in Longport NJ, depending upon the location, to get it ready for use.

If we look at real estate in Longport NJ, we will find such locally owned businesses or locally running multiple businesses that complement each other and help in improving the community. Joe DiLorenzo started a real estate and development business decades ago, and even when he separated the business, and started his own, they still did things that are interconnected to each other. Joe DiLorenzo currently works as a developer and runs DiLorenzo Realty Group.

This kind of a business affair can be very good for communities as well. We can only look at the latest project by Joe DiLorenzo. He bought a large piece of land, along the bayfront and developed it. However, it was not as easy as it sounds. He had to put in a lot effort to make it good enough for the new buyers. The land had to be raised to ensure there is no flooding, the road had to be pulled out to lay down various utility lines and then re-laid carefully. There were a lot of other details that had to be fixed before the lots were ready to be sold. Though, even while selling, being a local business owner Joe DiLorenzo knew about the needs of the town, and decided to add certain clauses in the sale agreement, to preserve the beauty of the town. Now, the owner can hire any contractors in Longport NJ, they will still have to keep the exterior that best compliments the town.