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New Condos emerge from the Old Hotel in Longport NJ

When you buy a new house, what are the things you take into account? Well, for most people this simple question will have multiple and different answers. As, everyone has different needs and demands, some people may want to have a big backyard where they can play with their kids and pets. Others may wish for a double or triple story house, which will allow them the privacy within their home, even from their own family members, at least when they wish for it. If you came from a big family with a lot of kids or siblings or cousins, you might be able to relate to this concept of privacy in your own house, by adding extra levels.

Then there are those who might wish for a different kind of design for their house. Well, people buying homes for sale in Longport, NJ or Margate NJ do have some attractive options, in terms of real estate. They can create the masterpiece they want their house to be. It may sound difficult to some, at least right now, but if you get the professionals involved from the beginning, you can find the right house and have it renovated or restored in the way you want it. Simply hire talented and reliable contractors so, once the house is completed, you can finally enjoy and relax in your new place.

There are many real estate offerings in Longport, NJ, from elaborate beachfront and bayfront homes to quaint cottages that have been well cared for from the early 60’s. Newer construction homes usually offer less hassle than older builds, but some can’t resist the charm from a seashore cottage.

However, if you don’t want any of this hassle, than the best option will be to get a condo. When we looked at the Longport NJ, we find the DiLorenzo Reality Group, run by Joe DiLorenzo with a few good options available. They recently took over the Winchester hotel, an historical and old building, and converted it into new and impressive condos. As per some of the reports, they have a lift that comes with special keycard for the owners; it allows additional privacy as each owner can use his keycard to go directly to his unit, unlike most other buildings where you have very little privacy in common areas like lifts.

However, the best part about these condos is something else altogether. If you want the feeling of living in an old restored home, that has the old charm but also the modern amenities, than these condos are the best option. They have been created from an old building built in early 1900s. It was used as a Boys school and hotel over the years. Though, to modernize the place, they have added hardwood floors in certain parts of the condos, and there are wrap-around balconies and other improvements made, as well.

Stay tuned as we will continue to report some important facts and trends about real estae in Longport, NJ.